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Our Exciting New Approach to Client Acquisition
"Our average case size for 2005 was nearly $250,000 per client coming from the Savings Bond Seminar...

... It's amazing how many thousands of dollars people will move to save a thousand dollars in taxes..."
K.N. - Akron, OH
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Our Platinum Plus Service is a proven strategy to help you become a trusted advisor using U.S. Savings Bonds as "the hook".
  • Use it in One-On-One Meetings
  • A casual, non-threatening, educational experience for prospects
  • Use it in Seminars / Workshops
  • We supply all the materials and reporting tools that you will need
A New Strategy toward Financial Planning for Savings Bonds has been established by our most successful Agents in our system, and it's being applied successfully all across the country.

Providing an Educational Seminar to the public has netted our most successful Agents with tens of thousands in new business a month simply by addressing the concerns of US Savings Bond owners. Increase your sales and see more referrals from servicing a lucrative niche market with more than $16 Billion in an investment earning zero % interest.

Show your potential clients how 'Uncle Sam' is possibly over taxing their Social Security Benefits, Dividends and other income, simply by cashing out their Savings Bonds at the wrong time. Read How It Works >>
Eliminate expensive meals as the enticement to get attendees in the seats. Open the door to a higher level of financial success...

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