My Truck-Selling Adventure


Selling a vehicle isn’t always an easy process. Sure, when there is family or friends looking for a used car for their teenager, then it becomes easier to get rid of an older vehicle, but that’s not usually the case. For most folks, selling a car or truck comes with a number of steps or, at least, that’s what I thought. A while back I was in just such a predicament. I had recently bought a new truck at the time and wanted to get rid of my old one. It was still a good vehicle, mind you, but, I wanted something newer with a few more features. Being in good condition, I wanted to sell it and make back some of the money I had invested in it. So here’s what I did.

driving car

Newspaper Ad

I figured that I would start, what I considered, the normal way and put an ad in the paper. I listed the make and model, the odometer reading, and added my phone number. It seemed like a pretty simple and straight-forward way to sell my truck here in Lancaster PA.

Phone Calls

Well, I did get a number of calls from those interested in the truck. I also quickly learned that not everyone interested is on the same schedule I’m on. I got calls in the afternoon, in the evening, to my chagrin, during dinner, during my favorite TV shows. I got through it by telling myself it’d only be for a week or so.

Next I had to make arrangements with the folks who called me to plan a time to show them the truck. I spent a lot of time going nowhere the next few days. I couldn’t go out anywhere because I’d have to show someone the truck in an hour and to someone else two hours after that. One fellow worked third shift and therefore could only look at the truck in the early morning after work or in the late evening (what I would consider night).

Ungh, Hagglers

I think the worst part of the whole ordeal was all the people who would show up, look the truck up and down and then act like they weren’t interested hoping I would come down from my price. I did but it still seemed like they wanted me to go much lower, in some cases, ridiculously low. The vehicle was in good shape. I wanted a fair price, not to get fleeced.

I remember one particular guy who I’m not sure if he came to buy or if he just loved haggling. He’d shake his head with every number I’d give him and say how he really wasn’t sure if he wanted a truck but if the price was right he might consider it. Two hours of my Saturday afternoon were wasted on this guy talking in circles.

cash for car

There Has Got To Be a Better Way

My wife approached me afterward and said that we needed a better way to sell my truck. She noticed how frustrated and grumpy I was getting after dealing with this last guy and others. She also brought to my attention that some of the people who had looked at the truck came back with friends to look at it while I was at work. Maybe there wasn’t anything wrong with this but I couldn’t help feeling a little apprehensive at the notion of strangers on the property while my wife was home alone. I could tell by the look on her face that she wasn’t very keen on the idea either.

I made up my mind to check out one of those businesses that offer to buy used vehicles. I didn’t go to one before now because I thought selling a truck in good condition would be easy and something I could handle which turned out to be something I didn’t want to deal with. I have to admit, I only stopped in to get an idea of a number and to see how it would work. As it turns out, I called my wife to pick me up. The money for my old truck was in our checking account, fast and painless.

Lessons Learned

On the way home I told my wife how I wished I had gone the used car buying service center in the first place. I was a little concerned that I wouldn’t get a good price and thought I could just sell it myself in a couple days. My wife replied stating that, even if I hadn’t got as much as I did, what was my time worth and how much did I waste with hagglers at all hours of the day? I hadn’t really thought of it that way.

Needless to say, the next vehicle we sold was done on day one at the used car buying service center. I’d recommend doing the same to anyone. Do yourself a favor and learn from my mistake, not from your own.