Reasons to Insure Your Home


Most people work hard to establish a relatively comfortable lifestyle for themselves. It’s a process that takes a long time. One of the most significant milestones in that journey is the purchasing of one’s own home. It’s a big step to finally have a house and property to call your own. There’s a liberating feeling in being able to decorate and furnish the rooms as you please. In your own home you do not need a landlord’s permission to paint the walls another color or to hang pictures. At the end of the day, a person’s home really is their castle.

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A home is no small investment. It requires a lot of responsibility in making regular mortgage payments and keeping up with necessary maintenance. Furnishings, utilities, and trash removal all fall to the homeowner. Appliances are also up to the homeowner to provide. There is a lot of time, money, and material goods wrapped up in a home.

Considering the size of the investment and all that tied in to a home, the importance of protecting that investment and all it entails becomes clearly evident. While it’s unpleasant to think about what risks or hazards a home might encounter, the truth is that there are some situations a homeowner needs to be prepared for.

Up in Smoke

One of the things we hear about on the news occurring in homes, especially around the holidays, is of a home catching fire. Often it’s electrical devices and to a lesser degree caused by cooking mishaps. Regardless of the cause, the results are the same. Even if a home isn’t completely destroyed, smoke and water make it impossible to inhabit until extensive cleanup has occurred. Personal items and appliances may be damaged or destroyed and need replacing. It really is a tragic situation.

The Unwelcome Guest

Another potential threat is that of break in. A locked door is a good start but, there are some tenacious intruders out there. People in who perceive themselves in desperate situations will, at times, go to desperate lengths. Often this occurs when the homeowner is away as most burglars shy away from the prospect of confrontation. Once they make their move anything easily fenced for cash is quickly gathered up and taken away with them into the night while doors or windows remain damaged from a forced entry.

Nature’s Fury

Storms are a threat to homes and property as well. While you can be cautious about electrical devices and vigilant in checking that doors and windows are properly locked, there’s not much one can do about the force of nature. Storms can cause a lot of trouble for a home. Fallen branches, lightning strikes, and high winds can be the source of serious damage to a home.

In some places snow, as innocent as it appears, can be damaging as well. In large quantities, snow can be too heavy for a roof to support. Ice can be similarly troublesome as well as making sidewalks slick. Someone slipping and becoming injured on your property may cause you to be financially liable. This makes ice a danger on several levels.

Get Covered

So what can you do to protect you and your investment? Insurance. In Maryland mortgage companies understand the need to insure a property and, by association, its owner against financial loss from property damage and accidents on the property. Mortgage companies require a homeowner be covered by a policy. It’s a good thing too. Homeowners that have experience loss of property through fire or burglary will attest to being glad they were covered by a Maryland home insurance policy that allowed them to fix and/or replace property compromised by their unfortunate circumstances.

Finding the Right Provider

While insurance may be mandatory, the provider of that policy is up to you. It’s a good idea to do online research on a prospective coverage provider. This allows you to decide with confidence that a particular insurance company has a policy that’s right for you.